Private Journeys

If you can dream it we can design it! -- Something we have been doing for over 30 years.

With so many years of experience we know our destinations and land operators well.
Dare us to get creative!

We KNOW how to customize. Want to throat sing in Tuva, cook in France, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, charter a sailing yacht, visit tribal areas, shop in exotic places? We can hand-tailor a trip to match your small group’s interests. We have built a reputation as specialists in arranging trips for families, friends, clubs, non-profits, and museums.


May we suggest a wedding cruise with family and friends.

On the first day of your cruise, you arrive at a pristine private island and the private chapel on the beach awaits your celebration.

Festivities and feasts afterwards while you celebrate and swim.

Special Occasions

For Birthdays and Anniversaries you might consider:

Rent a barge and travel the canals, jump off and ride a bike along side, or walk. Seeing the waterways from this angle is a fun experience for all. We can even include a few special wine tastings and cooking classes.

Rent a villa and enjoy a lazy afternoon by the pool or use it as a base to visit the surrounding areas.

Join your friends on a safari and have "sundowners" with the animals.

Shopping Trips

Our favorites--find a few friends and we'll help you find those special markets and souks where you can shop "til you drop." We'll even help arrange for shipping.

Our suggestions:

  • Shanghai--everything you can imagine is here, and more?
  • Thailand--fabulous textiles, carvings, jewelry, YOU NAME IT!
  • Mexico--Guadalajara, Morelia, Oaxaca and more!
  • Bali--textiles, art, jewelry and exotic items...shipping is easy
  • India--a true shoppers paradise
  • Morocco--discover brass, and secret items hidden throughout the medinas
  • Turkey--outstanding leather items and lots, lots, more!
  • New York/New Jersey outlets
  • North Carolina--great furniture and rug buys


Meet new people, get in shape, be pampered, do yoga looking out over mountain ranges, sand dunes or azure seas. We know some secret spots worldwide that you deserve to experience.

Language Learning
Cooking Classes

Two of our favorites are in Mexico and Guatemala. Small group classes are available in your B&B or the large home you rent. You can learn to cook with the best local cooks, shop with them in the markets and use the words you've learned in your new language.

Balinese cooking and art classes are a wonderful combination. Ask us. We know where to find what you need.

Rent a Tuscan villa and take local cooking lessons. Visit the local wineries and olive growers and let them show you the secrets of their successes. Some of the cooks and wineries offer rooms in their homes where you can experience as much or as little of the life on their land as you wish. Shop the antiques markets in your spare time!

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