Where to Cruise

Repositioning cruises—Very inexpensive way to sail from continent to continent as the ships are being moved between sailing seasons.  We might find you space from London to New York, Portugal to Florida, New Zealand to Los Angeles, Valparaiso to Panama.  These change every year, but we know how to find the best and the least expensive.
The great rivers of the world all deserve to be seen.    Think Mississippi, Amazon, Nile, Danube, Volga, Seine, Yangtze.  Some sailings feature theme cruises such as golf, classical music, gardens, biking.  Arrangements have been made at each destination to offer you something special for your area of interest. A great way to meet international travelers with similar interests.
The South Sea Islands conjure up visions of some of the most beautiful islands in the world-- pristine beaches, friendly islanders, swaying palms, exotic fruits and crystal clear azure-blue waters.  Jump on your magic carpet and board a  comfortable small inter-island ship or the luxurious Radisson ”Seven Seas” for the trip of a lifetime. Water sports are available off the back deck of the Paul Gauguin.
Europe is laced with small canals, each traversing beautiful landscapes and small villages.  Take the opportunity to bike along with the boat as it slowly moves along its course.  Experience the daily life of those alongside the waterway as they go about their daily lives, unfazed by your passing as they have been for the past several hundred years. Rent your own boat for family and friends or join in with a small number of other travelers on another. Many feature special departures offering cooking classes with renown chefs and other special interests.
Great discoveries are to be made along the coastlines of America and other countries.  We suggest trips along the north Atlantic which cover the NE USA coast and pass onto Canadian waters and lakes.  Alaska with its inside passage and wild coastline is a great opportunity to see the far Northwest.  Board a ship in Honolulu or Maui and circle all the islands, using the boat as your floating hotel and gourmet restaurant.  See these breath-taking islands from a distance as you enter their beautiful harbors.  Coast voyages are to be found in SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand., off the coast of South America and South Africa, in both cases having the opportunity to round either Cape Horn or the Cape of Good Hope.  Join other kayakers in an adventure off the coast of Vancouver Island, or sail the Norwegian coastal voyage past glaciers and spectacular scenery. 

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