Ocean & River Cruises

There is a cruise out there for every group. Let us help you choose!

Galapagos: Experience Darwin’s discovered world and walk, swim and snorkel with the descendents of the animals that supported his theory. Our ship, The Eclipse, we think is the best in the islands for exploring and enjoying your week there.  Four naturalists, 1 for every 12 passengers, will be your guides and help you experience nature in a way you have never imagined. 
Europe River Cruise:  Enjoy springtime in Europe as we float past 100’s of years of historic castles and forts interspersed with vineyards, valleys and villages. Your ship is your hotel as you visit beautiful cities with  up to 6 meals a day included.  With all of your basic needs met, there is plenty of time to relax and enjoy your free time on board and on land.  You are sure to meet passengers from all over the world.
Alaska Wilderness Cruise:  Our small expedition ship takes us into areas large ships can’t reach allowing for better viewing of Alaska’s natural wonders.  We explore the beauty of the glaciers and hinterlands with experienced naturalists in small groups. This is a great cruise for those with lots of curiosity and interest in seeing something different.


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