Resorts all around the world cater to different types of travelers and lifestyles. Some love families, others couples, other small groups of friends. Most are geared to helping create that great atmosphere of privacy, celebration, sport activity, or the possibility of making new friends.

Most cater to a particular interest or preferred type of vacation. Therefore, we find resorts that feature golfing, beach vacations, family gatherings, etc.

The all-inclusive resort has become very popular in which one finds most activities and equipment included in additon to the meals. Just to experience the unusual architecture (such as Las Hadas in Mexico) or the authentic experience (luxury tented safaris) or the over the water bungalow (Moorea, Tahiti), or even a treehouse (southern Oregon), is often the focus of a trip.

Whether it’s a sun destination, winter getaway, learning vacation or just sharing good times together, we can help you create an experience filled with unforgettable memories.

Here are some suggestions to get your mind a wandering.

Club Med:

Learn to climb the trapeze like the circus guys do!

Ski a big mountain:

Enjoy the powder together by day and fireside chats by night.

Dude ranch or farm stay:

Ride horses on the range or shear sheep in New Zealand.

Beach getaway:

Snorkle, dive, windsurf, sail, beach comb or sun tan.

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