The Golden Land

Discover a Spiritual Oasis

The “Golden land” tour will give you a chance to experience one of the most religious countries in the world. Everywhere you venture you will discover religious shrines and people who devote their life to Buddhism.

Part of the magic of Myanmar is it’s relative isolation pervaded with the relics of a glorious past. One of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, due in a large part to the governments fierce opposition to foreign influence, Myanmar remains one of the most interesting countries in the region, boasting a culture and way of life unlike anywhere else in the world. Traveling to Myanmar is like taking a voyage back in time.

Myanmar lies between two great cultures, India and China, but it has developed it’s own distinctive culture. The people have preserved their traditions and seem contented and cheerful in the face of adversity.

Your stay in Myanmar will delight all of your senses, especially during the visits to tribal villages, golden pagodas and peaceful shrines. A visit to the world heritage site of Bagan, ancient city of thousands of pagodas, will amaze and captivate you. Shopping for artifacts, fabrics and unique art is hard to equal anywhere else.

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